Sonja Lucien, selected exhibitions and events

2016 Galerija eSCe, Memory exhibiton, Zagreb, Croatia

2016 Moving to Rome, Italy

2015 Paratissima, Skopje, Macedonia

2014 Curtea de Arges, Pitesti, Romania

2013 Galerie Eros, København “Om Kærlighed og Kierkegaard”

2011 Museum of Art, Monreale, Palermo, Italy

2011 Curtea de Arges, Romania

2010 Curtea de Arges, Romania

2010 Basilica San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

2009 Il Palagio Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti, Pescia, Italy

2009 Galleri Riotto, Pietrasanta, Italy

2008 Moving to Tuscany, Italy

2007 Second Space Gallery, London

2006 GA2006 Art & Science conference in Milan

2005 Art & Math conference in Boulder, USA

2004 GA2004 Art & Science conference in Milan

1998-2000 Various graphic designs

1997-98 Various Set designs and graphic works for the theater “Vandrefalken”

1990 Theatre project with Zlatko Buric for Danish and immigrant children

1987-1990  Living in Zagreb. Creating set designs for theatre plays with Zlatko Buric; establishing a Croatian cultural centre with exhibitions, performances, concerts etc., with artists from all over the world. Graphic design. Cartoonist for Zagreb film.

1984-85 Member of a group of painters “Ravna”

1983-1985 Member of “Kvindegalleriet” in Copenhagen.

A gallery with cultural manifestations, art exhibitions, literary meetings, performances etc.

1980-82 Scholarship (from the ministry of Education) for the Academy of fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia

1979 Academy of fine Art, Aarhus, DK

1978 Graphic School of Art, Aarhus, DK

Represented in the DADA-Base at the Museum of Modern Art, New York under my old surname Hindkjaer

Described under Hindkjaer in the artbook “Udsigt feministic strategies in Danish art” page 137-39

I was born on a farm in the countryside near Silkeborg, Denmark, the youngest of four children. My childhood was under the spell of colors that caught my eyes and soul during the many hours of labor in the fields. Watching the sun playing with the clouds, raindrops glinting on leaves, the warm bodies of the cows during milking, partly formed my natural talent as an artist.

Creating is a desire from within, something I settle with Heaven and Earth.

My visions evolve from the turmoil of events and emotions I encounter on my way through life. Like a symbiosis of organic cells interacting with mine, tales of the past, the present and the future arise.  I cannot define or analyze my world of art, since I do not understand it completely myself!   I am a house of glass for others to see through to another level.

The colors are my lovers, the sun my happiness, the moon my secret. Sometimes in life you lie in the darkness, dreaming about light. Other times the light is so strong that you prefer darkness.

Creating is my lifelong love affair. I hope you can sense the spell too, in your own way, while watching my visions transferred to reality.